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We are an expert in complex card-not-present transaction disputes and has recovered millions of dollars for consumers worldwide.

Assure Crypto Recovery Solution.

We are specialists in what we do and that specialization has been born out of hard won experience. We have dealt with matters for similar clients in similar situations to you, so we know exactly what to do to stack the odds of you achieving your desired outcome well and truly in your favor.

We provide excellent dispute resolution advice to our clients that helps banks reduce investigation and processing time.

What We Do?

CFD/Cryptocurrency/Forex Chargeback

We help recover investments from all CFD, crypto and forex investments that might have been lost to illegal dubious and unregulated companies

Binary-Option Recovery

Our Forensic professionals will follow the trail as long as there is any type of monetary exchange involved, we will track and recover back your money regardless if its through an investment scam or internet scam and binary options.

Fraud Detection

We uncover fraudulent investment companies and brokers . Report and charge them legally for their crimes .

Financial Analysis & Consultation

We offer financial advice on binary options and investments and the best way to manage your investments to make good ROI .

Have You Ever Been Defrauded Of Your Investments Or Savings?